Energy Management Software and Tools

To optimize energy consumption reductions, energy professionals use many types of software and tools to monitor and analyze consumption data and generate reports. CIET courses are focused specifically on software used for building benchmarking and forecasting, energy modelling, and the collection of energy data on residential properties.

The RETScreen platform enables low-carbon planning, implementation, monitoring, and reporting primarily for commercial and institutional buildings. EnergyPlus is an open-source building energy modelling software for heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting as well as plug and process loads. Additionally, Energy Star Portfolio Manager is a valuable tool for benchmarking and managing energy usage in buildings.

Your energy management software and tools learning path

CIET’s comprehensive training courses help professionals learn or master the main energy management software and tools. Use the learning path below to identify the right courses and the best training sequence to achieve your career goals.

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Career opportunities

Here is an overview of some positions requiring knowledge of specific energy management software and tools.

Energy Auditor

The main duties of an Energy Auditor include:

  • Conducting facility inspections to identify energy conservation opportunities
  • Assessing the energy performance of large buildings and industrial facilities
  • Developing energy modelling as well as preparing feasibility studies and detailed energy audits

NRCan-Registered Energy Advisor

The main duties of an Energy Advisor include:

  • Conducting basic energy assessments in residential buildings
  • Collecting onsite data according to NRCan program technical guidelines
  • Performing energy modelling using the HOT2000 software

Measurement and Verification Specialist

The main duties of a Measurement and Verification Specialist include:

  • Developing and implementing measurement & verification (M&V) plans
  • Conducting onsite measurements and collecting energy data
  • Analyzing energy bills and preparing M&V reports

Energy Modeller

The main duties of an Energy Modeller include:

  • Performing energy modelling using applicable software (RETScreen, eQUEST, etc.)
  • Developing proposed and reference case energy models in accordance with applicable codes, standards, and guidelines
  • Evaluating and analyzing the technical and financial feasibility of energy conservation measures

Energy Engineer/Specialist/Manager

The main duties of an Energy Engineer/Specialist/Manager include:

  • Identifying and analyzing energy saving project opportunities
  • Evaluating energy consumption, demand savings, and carbon reductions associated with energy conservation measures
  • Implementing energy projects
  • Assisting in commissioning and the measurement and verification of energy saving measures

Building Automation Engineer

The main duties of a Building Automation Engineer include:

  • Designing building automation systems and creating optimal design solutions to meet client requirements
  • Reviewing electrical drawings and programming equipment
  • Designing building automation network architecture and facilitating the integration of devices through different building automation protocols (Modbus, BACNET, etc.)

Building/Facility Manager

The main duties of a Building/Facility Manager include:

  • Conducting periodic building/facility inspections to determine maintenance requirements
  • Supervising the implementation of preventative maintenance programs and ensuring that key building assets are maintained
  • Monitoring building automation systems

Building Automation System (BAS) Technician

The main duties of a Building Automation System (BAS) include:

  • Ensuring the installation of building automation systems
  • Performing routine building automation system maintenance
  • Troubleshooting, fixing, and updating HVAC and electrical systems and associated controls

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Success Stories

Former participants share how training with CIET has transformed their professional life.

Marcel Soucy, Supervisor Groupe Énergie - ENGIE Services Inc.

We very much appreciate the efforts you have invested in virtual learning and encourage you to maintain this format. This cuts costs and optimizes time for everyone.

Marcel Soucy, Supervisor Groupe Énergie - ENGIE Services Inc.

Leo Glaser, Energy Analyst – Operational Excellence, Quadreal Property Group

In our experience, CIET courses deliver a great foundation for all energy professionals—at any stage of their career or experience level. We were very satisfied with the facilitation and received positive feedback from QuadReal participants. It is a pleasure to work with CIET.

Leo Glaser, Energy Analyst – Operational Excellence, Quadreal Property Group

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