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The Canadian Institute for Energy Traning (CIET) is the most active energy training centre in Canada, founded in 1996. We specialise in high-quality energy management and energy efficiency training, ensuring Canadians are ready to lead the energy transition. Energy efficiency is by far the fastest, easiest and most logical way to fight climate change and CIET will help you progress in your career, through energy efficiency training.

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Thivya Viswanathan, Energy Analyst

A couple of months back, I was an unemployed immigrant new graduate looking for learning opportunities to enhance my skills when one of my friends shared with me about the discounted price for the Energy Management Professional 101 (EMP) course during this pandemic. I am really happy about what CIET is doing now. You guys are impacting so many young professionals like me.

Thivya Viswanathan, Energy Analyst

Leo Glaser, Energy Analyst – Operational Excellence, Quadreal Property Group

In our experience, CIET courses deliver a great foundation for all energy professionals—at any stage of their career or experience level. We were very satisfied with the facilitation and received positive feedback from QuadReal participants. It is a pleasure to work with CIET.

Leo Glaser, Energy Analyst – Operational Excellence, Quadreal Property Group

Haleigh Forbes, Manager – Efficiency Trade Network, Efficiency Nova Scotia

Working with CIET has made developing a training plan for trade allies in my network easy; the team at CIET is knowledgeable, organized and passionate about delivering quality material in their course and they work well to deliver customizable options for all of your training needs. We have had great success with the NRCan Foundations Exam Prep course and Making the Case for Energy Efficiency in 2019 and look forward to offering a multi-track training approach to our trade allies in 2020.

Haleigh Forbes, Manager – Efficiency Trade Network, Efficiency Nova Scotia


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Important COVID-19 Update for CIET Spring 2020 Training Calendar – CIET Goes Virtual!

Last Updated: April 21, 2020


CIET Goes Virtual!

The entire CIET team has been working hard recently to provide new training options for you through virtual real-time classrooms considering the current situation. This will allow everyone to continue accessing CIET training in a safe manner, which protects both our participants and our trainers. You can register for these virtual courses in confidence, knowing that they will provide the same quality of training that you expect from CIET. These real-time training sessions will be available to all participants across Canada.




You can find more information about CIET’s virtual training approach:

Postponement/cancellation policy

You can postpone your registration to a future session if desired, though we cannot yet determine how long the COVID-19 crisis will last. Indications from governments seem to indicate that isolation and travel restrictions might last for longer than we would like. For now, we propose keeping the registrations of all participants active. We will inform you of new dates as they become possible/available, including our new Fall 2020 training dates, which should be announced in May-June. Should you wish to cancel later, we have suspended our cancellation policy and there are no fees for any cancellation effective immediately.

Through all these measures, CIET hopes to provide as much flexibility as possible to training participants while respecting its commitments to other participants, trainers and partners, as well as public health recommendations.

 We thank you very much for your trust and collaboration and look forward to welcoming you in our virtual classrooms!


Best regards,

The CIET Team
647 255-3107