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Certified RETScreen® Expert (CRE)

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Stephen Dixon, Adam Dixon,

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Program Overview

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The Certified RETScreen® Expert (CRE) is designed for those who have either completed the Introduction to RETScreen® Expert course or who have some previous experience with the software.

The CRE program is aimed at enhancing participants’ skills in analyzing all types of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Additionally, the program equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of new RETScreen® analysis features, including the Virtual Energy Analyzer and Portfolio Analysis Module, as well as energy performance data monitoring.

This three-day course is highly immersive and combines instructor led presentations with practical software exercises. The program is aimed at enhancing participants’ proficiency with RETScreen®, culminating in a master case study that serves as review of software features and constitutes the basis of the certification exam. Short quizzes will also be given throughout the course to ensure retention of and comfort with the materials presented.

The CRE course enhances participants’ proficiency and comfort level with the software to enable them to perform various tasks such as benchmarking, feasibility analysis, and project GHG emission impact assessments. If you are involved in assessing building or organizational energy use, this course is perfect for you.

Please note: Participants receive a fully functional 90-day trial subscription to the RETScreen® software, valued at $200, as an added benefit when registering for the CIET Certified RETScreen® Expert course. 




Download RETScreen® EXPERT here


In this course, you will learn to

  • Gauge facility energy performance using benchmarking. 
  • Evaluate energy costs and savings, GHG reductions, and financing viability. 
  • Determine the energy production and savings potential in any location in the world through the use of archetypes. 
  • Verify the performance of implemented projects. 
  • Identify opportunities for further energy improvements. 
  • Manage the energy consumption of facility portfolios and achieve energy related investment goals using Portfolio Analysis.  
  • Automate and link data sources and other software tools directly with RETScreen® Expert using the RETScreen® Connect advanced scripting tool. 
  • Prepare to take the exam to become a Certified RETScreen® Expert. 


This course is ideal for

  • Building owners, operators, or managers 
  • Technical experts 
  • Energy managers 
  • Engineering firms or professional firms specialized in energy efficiency 
  • Energy service company professionals 
  • Energy efficiency program evaluators 

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Day 1

  • Introduction 
  • Virtual Energy Analyzer / Archetypes 
  • Energy Efficiency Concepts 
  • Limitations of RETScreen® 
  • Benchmarking 
  • Feasibility Analysis in RETScreen 

Day 2

  • Introduction to Performance Analysis 
  • Step-by-step guide to Performance Analysis 
  • Statistical measures 
  • Tips & Tricks 
  • Performance Dashboard 

Day 3

  • Portfolio Analysis  
  • RETScreen® Connect 

Certification Process

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