Decarbonization is the process of reducing carbon intensity and greenhouse gas emissions. This entails decreasing CO2 emissions from buildings, power generation, and transportation per unit of electricity generated.

Those who work toward decarbonization are responsible for identifying, selecting, and implementing projects that will lower overall emissions, whether employed as consultants, members of a sustainability team, or involved in facility operations. These professionals are counted on to analyze projects as well as understand carbon pricing and the cost of energy so that they can make the right choices for their organizations.

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Decarbonization career opportunities

Here is an overview of some typical positions you can expect to hold once you are specialized in decarbonization.

Climate Change and Decarbonization Manager

The main duties of a Climate Change and Decarbonization Manager include:

  • Developing net zero and carbon transition strategies and performing market analyses
  • Implementing small and large-scale energy and carbon reduction measures, projects, and programs, including the development of business cases
  • Quantifying GHG emissions across organizations and contributing to identifying external carbon related certifications or programs

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Manager

The main duties of an ESG manager include:

  • Monitoring the continuous evolution, maintenance, and implementation of the ESG strategy
  • Leading the development of ESG materials, reporting, and disclosures
  • Providing guidance to ESG raters to ensure proper ESG ratings and ranking assessments

Energy Engineer/Specialist/Manager

The main duties of an Energy Engineer/Specialist/Manager include:

  • Identifying and analyzing energy saving project opportunities
  • Evaluating energy consumption, demand savings, and carbon reductions associated with energy conservation measures
  • Implementing energy projects
  • Assisting in commissioning and the measurement and verification of energy saving measures

Sustainability Engineer/Specialist/Manager

The main duties of a Sustainability Engineer/Specialist/Manager include:

  • Identifying and advising on strategies to reduce corporate GHG emissions and mitigate climate change risks
  • Assessing and reporting on the progress of GHG reduction projects
  • Undertaking energy modelling and providing advice on energy management priorities and capital projects

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Success Stories

Former participants share how training with CIET has transformed their professional life.

Jeff Quint, Manager, Customer Solutions & Communications - Enova Power

The Becoming Carbon Neutral course helped frame the opportunities and challenges our customers and our own organization are going to face in becoming carbon neutral. It has served as a foundation, enabling our teams to better support our customers as they move through the process and be part of the solution.

Jeff Quint, Manager, Customer Solutions & Communications - Enova Power

Tony Lam, Energy Manager - Government of Yukon

Thanks to the Becoming Carbon Neutral course, I gained a better understanding of how the industry's approach to carbon neutrality is taking significant strides towards standardization, definitions, and requirements. Unfortunately, some requirements are challenging for a small northern jurisdiction like Yukon. But knowing the industry standards was tremendously helpful for figuring out where we are and where we need to be. I was able to identify areas where we already do well, pinpoint gaps, and allocate resources accordingly. The course helped me understand the overall trajectory that our organization should follow to achieve carbon neutrality. 

Tony Lam, Energy Manager - Government of Yukon

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