In mid-June, CIET held its first Building Automation Systems Essentials and Advanced Building Automation Systems Optimization courses in our Virtual Real-time classroom setting. Both courses were sold out, and the feedback from participants was very positive.

About Building Automation Systems Optimization Essentials

The Building Automation Systems Essentials course has as its fundamental objective to teach participants how to work within the BAS systems that they have, and how best to calibrate it.


Meant to give a solid foundation to Building Operators and Consultants working in facilities optimization and management, the BAS Essentials course also provided a thorough overview of key BAS concepts and components, controls, BAS maintenance, recommissioning, and commissioning of BAS. One of the strengths of this course was the exercises and workbook that participants used throughout the course, in which they got to identify trends and measures on an actual BAS system.


The trainer is great at explaining and demonstrating the BAS concepts. His expertise is very significant and detailed. Thank you to CIET for sharing such high quality knowledge
-Course Participant, June 2020

About Advanced Building Automation Systems Optimization

The Advanced Building Automation Systems Optimization course is meant to impart more seasoned BAS practitioners with design, diagnostic, trend monitoring and control strategies that allow for a superior level of efficiency and energy management in their buildings. Although the profile and skill level of participants was quite varied for this course, the course plan of reviewing BAS design specifications, HVAC control strategies, sequences of operations and diagnostic, calibrations, and fault detection was well received. The Advanced course also utilized a workbook and quizzes which allowed participants to go through BAS exercises and re-enforce concepts and information that had been presented to them.


The course info is presented well and the instructor is very knowledgeable. He's also accepting of, and welcomes other opinions and experience from the attendees

-Course Participant, June 2020


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