NRCan-Registered Energy Advisor Program

Energy Advisors help Canadian homeowners make better informed choices about energy saving retrofits or upgrades. They use their expertise in building science and construction and knowledge of the HOT2000 energy modelling software to conduct residential energy assessments and deliver EnerGuide ratings on eligible homes.

Energy Advisors must pass two compulsory exams, the Foundation Level and Energy Advisor exams, as well as a probationary file period before being awarded the Energy Advisor (EA) designation. They must also be registered with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and employed by a service organization.

Want to know where to start? Read this article to learn about the process of becoming a registered EA.

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Career opportunities for energy advisors

Energy Advisors are in high demand, especially since the launch of the NRCan Greener Homes Inivitative to help Canadian homeowners make their homes more energy efficient.

The main duties of an Energy Advisor include:

  • Conducting basic energy assessments in residential buildings
  • Provide expert advice to homeowners about making energy efficiency retrofits to their homes
  • Collecting onsite data according to NRCan program technical guidelines
  • Performing energy modelling using the HOT2000 software
  • Generating EnerGuide Rating System energy evaluation reports for clients


Energy Advisors can be employed by an existing service organization or start their own. Service organizations are licensed by NRCan to use NRCan’s official trademarks and software and to deliver its labels, including the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) and ENERGY STAR® for New Homes (ESNH).


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Success Stories

Former participants share how training with CIET has transformed their professional life.

Sean Martin, Home Inspector

The Foundation Level Exam Prep Course was very insightful, well structured and delivered, and the compilation of resources was extremely helpful. This was an exceptional training experience. Money well spent. I am glad I chose CIET for preparing the NRCan Foundation Level Exam.

Sean Martin, Home Inspector

Haleigh Forbes, Manager – Efficiency Trade Network, Efficiency Nova Scotia

Working with CIET has made developing a training plan for trade allies in my network easy. The team at CIET is knowledgeable, organized and passionate about delivering quality material in their course, and they work well to deliver customizable options for all of your training needs.

We have had great success with the NRCan Foundation Level Exam Exam Prep course and the Making the Case for Energy Management Projects. We look forward to offering more training programs to our trade allies.

Haleigh Forbes, Manager – Efficiency Trade Network, Efficiency Nova Scotia

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