Custom private training programs

In addition to meeting individual training needs, CIET offers customizable group training for organizations concerned with delivering relevant training to their employees and stakeholders.

Who do private training programs target?

Private training programs can be designed, customized, and offered to organizations of various types and sizes. Class sizes usually vary from small groups of 8-10 to larger groups of 30-35 participants.

Sessions can be organized for internal teams as well as external clients and stakeholders. These present a great opportunity to uniformize understanding and skill levels among teams, which is highly valuable when executing an energy reduction plan and working on a client project.

Types of organizations we most often train:

  • Government agencies and ministries
  • Utilities
  • Consulting firms
  • Municipalities
  • Service organizations (aspiring and established)
  • Energy efficiency agencies
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Many advantages for your organization

Private training offers benefits both at the individual and organizational levels. As an organization, it allows you to:

Choose your own training dates

Customize training with localized examples, data, case studies, and questions that reflect your organization

Utilize the training as a team-building opportunity

Choose the most appropriate delivery method, either virtual or in-person

Link training to HR objectives and development goals

Benefit from an all-inclusive price with no add-on costs

CIET’s most popular private training programs

Most programs in the CIET public courses portfolio can be offered as private training sessions. Below are some of the most in-demand private courses:

Tailor-made programs to address YOUR reality and challenges

Popular customized elements that can be incorporated to enhance private training:

BAS screenshots

Building profiles

M&V plans

Energy management plans

Energy Treasure Hunt

Energy engagement plans and projects

Energy auditing reports

Energy models

Home energy assessments

Dollars to $ense modules

Interested in building the right private training program for your team?

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Book a call with one of our sales representatives by clicking HERE
  2. Meet with CIET to discuss your goals and customization needs
  3. Set a date and identify the individuals to be trained
  4. Let CIET take care of the rest
Send us your question

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This is to inform you that the course date is too close to be able to ship hard copies of the material to you on time. If you are willing to use the material in secured PDF, receive the material later (likely after the course) and pay upon registration, please click OK to continue the registration process. Please note that the shipping process will start only when the course fees are paid in full and delays are to be expected. Many thanks!

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