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Program Overview

The advanced building energy modelling course is focused on developing skills that energy modellers utilize in creating energy models for buildings with complex systems and using those models to conduct in-depth analyses of energy performance. This approach is now more frequently implemented for new construction projects that need to meet the increasingly more stringent energy efficiency requirements of building codes as well as deep energy retrofits in existing buildings.

This course is designed for participants that completed the Building Energy Modelling Professional course or have similar knowledge. It is assumed that participants understand how building systems operate and have developed energy models for buildings with conventional systems that resulted in working energy model files.

The course is designed to teach participants about EnergyPlus and OpenStudio, which are energy modeling tools used to analyze the energy performance of buildings. Participants will also learn how to use SketchUp, a popular 3D modeling software, to create building models that can be exported to EnergyPlus via OpenStudio for energy simulation and analysis. On the first day, an introduction and overview of the software will be provided, along with building simulation exercises to demonstrate its features and applicability in supporting code compliance for new construction projects. During the second day, the focus will be on modelling and analyzing advanced high performance building systems using hands-on exercices and case studies.

The Advance Building Energy Modelling course provides participants with the knowledge required to model high performance buildings designed to meet the increasingly more stringent building code requirements.


Key Learning Objectives

Upon completing this training program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop energy models using Energy Plus/Open Studio
  • Create proposed/as-built and reference models for code compliance
  • Model high performance building systems
  • Troubleshoot energy model errors
  • Analyze energy model output reports



The program is mainly aimed at developing advanced energy modelling skills required to model high performance buildings. It is ideal for the following audience:

  • Building energy modelling professionals
  • Energy consultants
  • Mechanical designers
  • Technical reviewers of building permit applications
  • High performance building consultants

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Day 1

  • Energy Plus introduction
  • Open Studio introduction
  • Building envelope and spaces
  • Defining space loads and building schedules
  • Defining space loads and building schedules
  • Building zoning and air loads
  • Zone HVAC equipment
  • Air-side systems


Day 2

  • Water-side systems
  • VAV systems
  • Chilled water, condenser, and hot water loops
  • Onsite power generation: Photovoltaic, wind
  • Demand controlled ventilation
  • Natural ventilation
  • Radiant heating and cooling
  • Variable refrigeration flow
  • Daylighting
  • Electric equipment

The course includes...


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