Natural Resources Canada recently announced the availability of the newest version of the RETScreen® Expert software. The RETScreen® Expert Software is an intelligent decision support tool to enable stakeholders to rapidly identify, assess, optimize and track the performance of clean energy investments over the entire project life cycle for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. 

New Features in Version 8.1

  • Benchmark Analysis Module – new benchmark data and visualization tools for off-grid power systems and various modes of transportation (including on- and off-road vehicles, aircraft, marine craft and trains)
  • Feasibility Analysis Module – new archetypes for transportation, central-grid and off-grid power systems incorporating battery storage; archetypes for military and correctional facilities; update of the user-defined feasibility model and the global GHG emission factors database
  • Performance Analysis Module – new analytics capabilities to prepare non-routine adjustments (e.g. COVID-19); regression analysis using backcasting and chaining techniques; integration of high-resolution and real-time data (hourly or sub-hourly, interval data with direct connection to databases, like SQL), including data visualization and analytics tools such as weekly and daily times series, load duration curve and heatmap graphs
  • Portfolio Analysis Module – new automated portfolio data update feature and new connectors for other data tools with RETScreen Connect; new offsite renewable energy purchase capabilities for portfolio-wide monitoring and tracking; various data analysis, visualization and comparison tool upgrades
  • All Modules – integration and update of eLearning videos; improvements to reporting and custom dashboard tools; and a 37th language added (Mongolian)


The software is available for download here.


RETScreen® Expert Learning Path



Learn to use the new software features

In our Advanced RETScreen® Expert course, these new features will not only be highlighted, but you will learn how to use them. Find an upcoming session today.


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