Energy Management

Energy management is the process of tracking, optimizing, and reducing energy consumption in a building or organization. Professionals working in this field are often drivers of projects consisting of collecting and analyzing energy consumption data, reducing energy use through the implementation of energy efficiency measures, optimizing equipment and scheduling in buildings, and incorporating renewable energy.

Given the link between energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy management is also tied to environmental protection and climate action. As a result, energy management professionals must often balance priorities between efficiency, environmental performance, and cost savings.

Your energy management learning path

CIET’s comprehensive courses are designed for both current and aspiring energy management professionals. Use the learning path below to identify the right courses and the best training sequence to achieve your career goals.

Core Concepts

Energy Management Professional 101 (EMP 101)

This course is perfect for any newcomer to the EE sector. CIET has developed a course that provides pragmatic knowledge and skills that can be demonstrated to and applied for any employer. The program is also a steppingstone to the CEM course normally taken after at least three years of field experience.

Certified Energy Manager (CEM)

The CEM is the most recognized energy management designation and provides benefits to help managers, engineers and service providers thrive. This in-depth five-day training is ideal for professionals and covers the technical, economic and regulatory aspects of energy management.

Making the Case for Energy Management Projects

Although the benefits of EM may seem obvious, this is often not the case for many clients and colleagues. This course teaches how to articulate and present the positive attributes of EM, from operational cost savings to energy conservation to reduced equipment maintenance.

Measurement and Verification (M&V)

Measurement and Verification Essentials *Upcoming 2023*

This course is under development.

Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)

The 3-day CMVP® program helps educate and qualify individuals to learn and apply the fundamental concepts of all modern M&V standards, guidelines, and protocols. The CMVP® Certification provides proof that the individual has gained an understanding of the critical issues surrounding implementation of M&V theory. The program raises the professional standards, both technical and ethical, of those engaged in energy efficiency and energy performance measurement and verification.

Advanced Measurement and Verification

For those who want to get advanced M&V concepts, the two-day Advanced Measurement and Verification training program provides hands-on exercises and concepts that serve to complement and reinforce theoretical knowledge acquired through common M&V certification courses and designation.

Building Commissioning

Existing Building Commissioning Essentials

Increasing occupant comfort and satisfaction while reducing energy operating costs are powerful ways to unlock value in your building assets. This workshop provides participants with practical approaches focussed on robust investigation. The course provides examples and case studies from commercial and institutional buildings with a focus on HVAC operational efficiency.

Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP)

In addition to preparing you for the AEE CBCP exam, this comprehensive five-day course is designed to meet the training needs of professionals who need to know the technical details of the commissioning process. The course goes into considerable technical detail on the fundamentals of both new and existing building commissioning.

Advanced Course on Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)

This four-day advanced course comprises all Existing Building Commissioning stages and an optional exam. It teaches Building Commissioning and the benefits while covering mechanical system fundamentals as well as good testing and verification practices. This training is ideal for Building Commissioning service providers, operating staff, energy managers, engineering professionals, as well as commercial and institutional building operators.

Organizational Perspective

Energy Efficiency Financing Mechanisms

The upfront costs of EE projects and retrofits are a major implementation barrier for the business, commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Several financing mechanisms have been developed to encourage organisations and individuals to proceed with EE projects and retrofits. This course teaches participants about EE financing mechanisms.

Achieving Organizational Objectives Through Strategic Energy Management (SEM)

Strategic Energy Management is a discipline of energy efficiency that focuses on an organization systematically understanding, controlling, and thereby reducing energy consumption and demand and their associated costs and GHG Emissions over time. The course is broken down into several modules that will be covered in two days. Each module features a presentation of concepts supported by engaging exercises and useful SEM tools such as templates and worksheets.

Energy Engagement Strategies *Upcoming 2023*

This course is under development.

Energy Management Systems (EMS) and 50001 Ready Canada Webinar: 101

To provide an introduction and tools for using the ISO 50001 standard, CIET will be presenting a webinar that will be available publicly.   The ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Standard promotes the integration of energy efficiency into management practices to increase awareness about energy use, reinforce good energy management behaviours, and make better use of existing energy consuming assets and processes.

Energy Management and the ISO 50001 Standard

This highly interactive training uses the ISO 50001 Standard as a model to help organisations implement a structured, adapted and effective energy management system (EMS). Whether your organisation wants ISO 50001 certification or not, the guidelines covered throughout this course are highly valuable in helping design a sound and robust EMS.

Energy management career opportunities

Here is an overview of some typical positions you can expect to hold once you are specialized in energy management.

Energy Engineer / Specialist / Manager

The main duties of an Energy Engineer/Specialist/Manager include:

  • Identifying and analyzing opportunities for energy saving projects
  • Evaluating energy consumption, demand savings, and carbon reductions associated with energy conservation measures
  • Implementing energy projects
  • Assisting in commissioning and the measurement and verification of energy saving measures

Energy Auditor

The main duties of an Energy Auditor include:

  • Conducting facility inspections to identify energy conservation opportunities
  • Assessing energy performance in large buildings and industrial facilities
  • Developing energy modelling, as well as preparing feasibility studies and detailed energy audits

Measurement and Verification Specialist

The main duties of a Measurement and Verification Specialist include:

  • Developing and implementing measurement & verification (M&V) plans
  • Conducting onsite measurements and collecting energy data
  • Analyzing energy bills and preparing M&V reports

Commissioning Specialist

The main duties of a Commissioning Specialist include:

  • Providing support in conducting commissioning and testing results
  • Helping field technicians solve technical issues and challenges
  • Creating and updating commissioning procedures and documentation (checklists, reports, etc.)

Building Automation Engineer

The main duties of a Building Automation Engineer include:

  • Designing building automation systems and creating optimal design solutions to meet client requirements
  • Reviewing electrical drawings and programming equipment
  • Designing building automation network architecture and facilitating the integration of devices through different building automation protocols (Modbus, BACNET…)

Building/Facility Manager

Main duties of a Building/Facility Manager include:

  • Conducting periodic building/facility inspections to determine maintenance requirements
  • Supervising the implementation of preventative maintenance programs and ensuring that key building assets are maintained
  • Monitoring building automation systems

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Success Stories

Former participants share how training with CIET has transformed their professional life.

Aaron Wouters, Energy Manager – Trillium Health Partners

CIET provides the BEST example of how program certification information should be provided. Its personal, with dates relevant to me and my timelines, and also communicates future events.

Aaron Wouters, Energy Manager – Trillium Health Partners

Anyssa Rambali, Process Engineer – Durez Canada Company Ltd

The online CEM course was very professionally put together. The team instructors were really knowledgeable and engaging, and the exam was administered and very easy to take through proctorU.

Anyssa Rambali, Process Engineer – Durez Canada Company Ltd

Thivya Viswanathan, Energy Analyst – Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association

A couple of months back, I was an unemployed immigrant new graduate looking for learning opportunities to enhance my skills when one of my friends shared with me about the discounted price for the Energy Management Professional 101 (EMP) course during this pandemic. I am really happy about what CIET is doing now. You guys are impacting so many young professionals like me.

Thivya Viswanathan, Energy Analyst – Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association

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