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ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager Webinar: Benchmarking for Compliance Ordinance

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager Webinar: Understand and Improve your Energy Performance

Net Zero Planning with RETScreen® Expert Webinar

Embodied Carbon Accounting *Upcoming Winter 2025*

Pump Systems Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

Heat Integration of Industrial Processes (HIIP)

Certified Industrial Energy Professional (CIEP)

Carbon Auditing Professional (CAP)

50001 Certified Practitioner

Working with the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB)

Heat Pumps Essentials

Energy Engagement Strategies

Certified Sustainable Building Operator (CSBO)

Working with the Greener Homes Initiative

Building Electrification Strategies *Upcoming Fall 2024*

Achieving Net Zero Buildings

Carbon Footprint Accounting: Scope 3 GHG Emissions *Upcoming Winter 2025*

Carbon Footprint Accounting: Scope 1 and 2 GHG Emissions

Planning and Selecting GHG Reduction Projects

Prep Course for the NRCan Quality Assurance Specialist Exam (House)

Advanced Building Energy Modelling

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Webinar: 101-Fundamentals & Basics

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Webinar: 201-Creating and Updating your Building Profile

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Webinar: 301-Maximize Usage with Advanced Features

Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)

Energy Management Professional 101 (EMP 101)

Certified Energy Manager (CEM)

Certified RETScreen® Expert (CRE)

Advanced RETScreen® Expert

Existing Building Commissioning Essentials

Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)

Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP)

Introduction to RETScreen® Expert

Energy Efficiency for Building Operators & Maintenance Staff (EEBO)

Advanced Course on Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)

Energy Management Systems (EMS) and 50001 Ready Canada Webinar: 101

Building Science and Numeracy Essentials

Prep Course for the NRCan Foundation Level Exam

Prep Course for the NRCan Energy Advisor Exam (House)

Tools for Completing Probationary Files

Advanced HOT2000 User

Prep Course for the NRCan Low-Rise Multi-Unit Residential Buildings Exam (MURB)

Building Energy Modelling Essentials

Building Energy Modelling Professional

Building Automation Systems Essentials

Advanced Building Automation Systems Optimization

Making the Case for Energy Management Projects

Strategic Energy Management 101 (SEM 101)

Making the Case for Decarbonization Projects

Becoming Carbon Neutral: Key Concepts, Strategies and Initiatives

Advanced Measurement and Verification

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The Introduction to RETScreen® Expert course is intended for new users of the RETScreen® Expert software or individuals just starting to become involved in the analysis or management of how energy is used and user behaviour in buildings and facilities. This one-day course features both presentations from trainers as well as hands-on use of and exercises in the RETScreen® software. The day concludes with knowledge-based exercises.

The RETScreen® Expert Software is an intelligent decision support tool that enables stakeholders to rapidly identify, assess, optimize, and track the performance of clean energy investments over the entire project life cycle. The software can be used to evaluate: 

  • Clean energy options 
  • Energy production savings and costs 
  • The financial viability and risks of renewable energy and energy efficiency (EE) technologies 
  • GHG emission reductions 
  • The performance of implemented projects 


Course participants learn how to get the most out of the software and gain an understanding of important tools such as feasibility analysis, performance analysis, and portfolio analysis, which they can then apply to their own projects. 

Note: as an added value to the CIET Introduction to RETScreen® Expert course, a fully functional FREE 14-day trial subscription to the RETScreen® software will be made available (value of $65).



Download RETScreen® EXPERT here


In this course, you will learn to

  • Discern the basic functionalities and uses of the RETScreen® software. 
  • Learn how to use the software to centralize key energy related data. 
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of EE concepts. 
  • Discern how to set up energy analyses and benchmark consumption. 
  • Conduct basic feasibility analyses in RETScreen®. 


This course is ideal

  • Employees responsible for EE program evaluation and operation 
  • Those that are new to EE 
  • Employees managing a portfolio of properties 
  • Sustainability staff looking to analyze GHG emissions or the impacts of renewable energy projects 
  • Recent graduates 

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Share your training needs with us!

Would you like to be trained on a specific topic? Just let us know!

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  • Introduction to RETScreen®  Expert – What is it?
  • How, When & Why to Use RETScreen®  Expert
  • The Virtual Energy Analyzer – Hands-On
  • My First Feasibility Analysis  - Hand-On
  • Performance Analysis for Beginners – A Quick Tour
  • Pulling it All Together – Portfolio Analysis Demo
  • Custom Dashboards – Quick Peek
  • Brief overview: Key Functions & Features with a Hands-On Heads-Up Tour (continued in CRE)
  • Creating a Simple Report

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