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Carbon Auditing Professional (CAP)

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Program Overview

The Carbon Auditing Professional (CAP) training is designed to equip participants with the background knowledge, fundamentals, guidance, and tools to successfully carry out carbon auditing and management. Our professional instructor assists participants in identify opportunities for greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, and apply practical strategies that improve the bottom line of businesses while mitigating the impacts of climate change.

This two-day program is ideal for energy professionals who wish to help their organization realize the additional benefits of GHG reductions, including cost avoidance, risk reduction, competitiveness, operational productivity, shareholder value, community outreach, and branding. Participants learn and understand the principles of the Paris Agreement, Kyoto Protocol, and other guidelines published by WRI, ISO, and WBCSD. For firms engaged in these areas, carbon auditing professionals (CAPs) can interpret current trends and legal requirements, conduct carbon audits, establish emission inventories, identify reduction opportunities, set up a GHG emission management program, report carbon emissions in compliance with international standards, and complete the emissions verification process. Additionally, CAPs possess the skills to structure financing and marketing strategies to maximize project success.

Energy professionals, such as energy managers, engineers, facility and business managers, industrial engineers, supply chain professionals, utility officials, consultants, contractors, financial officers, and energy service company professionals, can benefit from this course by enhancing their knowledge and skills in identifying and implementing the best GHG reduction strategies. With a diverse group of energy professionals participating in the course, participants are provided with an excellent opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and networking. This program is also ideal for young energy professionals who want to help their organization realize the additional benefits of GHG reductions. 


CIET is the official Canadian partner of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and is exclusively approved to deliver AEE certifications throughout Canada.

Please note that CIET only delivers AEE training programs in Canada. If you are located outside of Canada and wish to attend, please visit the AEE website.


In this course, you will learn to

  • Take the exam to become a Carbon Auditing Professional (CAP). 
  • Comply with the principles of international agreements on GHG reductions. 
  • Conduct carbon footprint accounting.  
  • Apply carbon footprint reduction strategies. 
  • Audit GHG emissions. 
  • Use the concepts of GHG reduction economics, carbon credits, and trading. 
  • Use concepts related to GHG reduction project financing and marketing. 


This course is ideal for

  • Energy managers 
  • Facility and business managers 
  • Sustainability managers 
  • Supply chain professionals 
  • Consultants 

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