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Starts 20 March 2024

Becoming Carbon Neutral: Key Concepts, Strategies and Initiatives

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Geneviève Gauthier,

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Starts 09 May 2024

Carboneutralité : concepts clés, stratégies et initiatives - In French

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Geneviève Gauthier,

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Program Overview

The International Energy Agency states that, to meet international climate objectives, we need to reduce net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to below zero worldwide throughout the second half of this century. As a result, many governments and private companies have announced their ambitious GHG reduction targets in recent years, with some aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. To reach these targets in the medium and long terms, carbon neutrality strategies need to be developed to identify the measures that can be implemented in building portfolios and manufacturing facilities.

This one-day training is intended for managers and professionals wishing to learn about the various strategies that serve to achieve carbon neutrality in their organizations.

Participants learn the various terms and definitions related to carbon neutrality through concrete examples. They also gain an understanding of the initiatives and commitments developed and made by different governments and enterprises. Additionally, they demystify the different approaches used to achieve carbon neutrality or, at least, to significantly reduce GHG emissions. 



In this course, you will learn to

  • Explain the 2-5- government targets. 
  • Define carbon neutrality and other related concepts. 
  • Differentiate decarbonization approaches (reduce, capture, offset). 
  • Set realistic GHG emission reduction goals. 
  • Develop a strategy to achieve carbon neutrality. 


This course is ideal for

  • Sustainability/climate change managers 
  • Environmental decisionmakers and policymakers 
  • Building owners and operators 
  • Manufacturing site owners 
  • Professionals wishing to develop carbon neutral strategies 

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  • Introduction to Carbon Neutrality:
    • Global Warming and GHG Emission Reductions
    • Government and Corporate Commitments
    • Definitions of Carbon Neutrality
    • Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)


  • Carbon Neutral Strategy:
    • Elaboration of Carbon Neutral Strategies
    • Typical Scope of Carbon Neutral Strategies
    • How to Establish GHG Emission Reduction Targets
    • Introduction to Different Approaches to Achieving Carbon Neutrality (Reduce, Capture, Offset):
      • Description of Each Strategy
      • Examples of Initiatives per Strategy
      • Approximate Abatement Costs per Tonne of GHG

This course includes...

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