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The Greener Homes Initiative (GHI) is a federal program aimed at helping Canadians save energy and make their home more comfortable. It accomplishes its goals by providing grants after an eligible retrofit has been implemented. To receive a grant, both the homeowner and building must meet the criteria established by the program. First, an Energy Advisor (EA) must audit the home before the work commences. Thereafter, another audit is performed to confirm the changes to the home.

This one-day training session enhances participant understanding about the grants offered by the GHI. It will clarify how to determine the eligibility of the owner and their home. Additionally, they learn how to identify and navigate the crucial details necessary to make the Greener Homes Initiative work. Finally, participants use all their new knowledge to complete a culminating activity.

If you are or want to become a Natural Resources Canada Registered Energy Advisor and you are interested in delivering the GHI, this course is ideal for you. It provides valuable knowledge for both future and current EAs who want to have a seamless experience when working with homeowners and GHI staff. 


In this course, you will learn to

  • Define the objectives of the GHI. 
  • Identify eligible homeowners. 
  • Identify eligible buildings. 
  • Comprehend eligible retrofits. 
  • Explain the process to secure grants and interest-free loans. 
  • Navigate GHI documentation. 
  • Recommended grants based on specific home types. 


This course is ideal for

  • New Energy Advisors 
  • Experienced Energy Advisors 
  • New Energy Advisors specialized in the GHI 
  • Home builders specialized in home retrofits 
  • Architects specialized in home retrofits 
  • Technicians specialized in home retrofits 

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