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The Greener Homes Initiative (GHI) is a federal program aimed to help Canadians save energy and make their home more comfortable. It accomplishes its goals by giving grants after an eligible retrofit has been made. To receive a grant, both the homeowner and the building must meet the criterias established by the program. First, an Energy Advisor (EA) must audit the house before the work. Afterward, another audit will be done to confirm the changes to the house.

This one-day training will provide a deeper understanding of the grants offered by the GHI. It will clarify how to determine the eligibility of the owner and their home. Also, the participants will learn how to navigate and find the tiny little details important to make the GHI work. Finally, a synthesis activity with varying scenarios will help the participants encapsulate their new knowledge.

This course is right for you if you are or will be a Natural Resources Canada Registered Energy Advisor interested in delivering the GHI. This knowledge is valuable to every future EA’s and actual EA’s wanting to have a smooth experience dealing with homeowners and Greener homes personnel.

Key Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will:

  • Understand the objectives of the Greener homes initiatives
  • Be able to identify an eligible home owner
  • Be able to identify an eligible building
  • Have a deeper understanding of the eligible retrofit
  • Explain the process needed to secure a grant and the interest-free loans
  • Have the knowledge to navigate through the Greener Homes documentation
  • Recommended grants base on specific type of homes



  • New Energy Advisor
  • Existing Energy Advisor specialized in new homes seeking to leverage the Greener homes initiatives
  • Existing Energy Advisor wanting to solidify their knowledge
  • Home builder (specialized in retrofitting houses)
  • Architect (specialized in retrofitting houses)
  • Technician (specialized in retrofitting houses)

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