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Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP)

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Song Deng, Ian Ball,

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The Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP) course is designed to present all phases of commissioning projects and current best practices to ultimately prepare participants to take the exam and earn the CBCP designation.

At its core, building commissioning involves quality focused projects that serve to provide documented confirmation that building systems function as intended (by both design and operational criteria), thereby meeting the operational requirements of owners. Projects of this nature have proven to be important because buildings that operate suboptimally tend to have poor indoor air quality and comfort, consume higher levels of energy, and lead to equipment failures. Properly commissioned buildings typically have fewer change orders, tend to be more energy efficient, and have lower operation and maintenance costs. Additionally, commissioning serves to restore existing buildings to a state of high productivity through the implementation of renovations, upgrades, and tune-ups of existing systems.

This five-day course is designed to meet the technical training requirements of those seeking to gain comprehensive knowledge of the commissioning process from the pre-design to operational phases. The training also provides considerable detail on the fundamental principles of both new building commissioning and existing building commissioning (often called recommissioning).

The trainer leads you through an examination of all aspects of building commissioning by looking at dozens of case studies from successfully completed projects in hospitals, data centers, airports, university campuses, school districts, commercial buildings, and more. Participants are also encouraged to produce real-world examples of their own through class dialogue and a few interactive exercises. 


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CIET is the official Canadian partner of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), exclusively approved to deliver AEE certifications in Canada. 

Please note that CIET only delivers AEE training programs in Canada. If you are located outside of Canada and wish to attend, please visit the AEE website. 


In this course, you will learn to

Upon completion of this course, you will: 

  • Recognize the optimal timing and context for a commissioning project. 
  • Define all steps of the commissioning process: 
    • Pre-design phase 
    • Design phase 
    • Construction phase 
    • Occupancy phase 
  • Apply best practices to various building types. 
  • Connect commissioning with other standards and design frameworks. 
  • Delimit the scope and use of existing building commissioning (EBCx). 
  • Recognize the impacts of commissioning projects on building systems and operation and maintenance activities. 
  • Become familiar with commissioning software tools and smart building commissioning. 
  • Take the exam to become a Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP). 


This course is ideal for

  • Engineers 
  • Energy managers 
  • Building owners and managers 
  • Commissioning professionals and agents 
  • Project managers 
  • Building designers 

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  • Module 01 - Building Commissioning History, Philosophy and Fundamentals
  • Module 02 - Introduction to Building Commissioning
  • Module 03 - Prominent Resources of Building Commissioning Guidelines and Organizations
  • Module 04 - New Building Commissioning
  • Module 05 - LEED BD+C Commissioning
  • Module 06 - Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) and Retro-Commissioning (RCx)
  • Module 07 - LEED O+M Commissioning
  • Module 08 - Building System Commissioning Know-How
  • Module 09 - Best Practices
  • Module 10 - “Brain-Storm Session” (Part I & II)
  • Module 11 - Commissioning Software Tools
  • Module 12 - Smart Building Commissioning 

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The course includes...

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