These days, it seems that the terms Net-Zero and Decarbonization are everywhere. In a lot of cases, they are even being used synonymously.

So what is decarbonization?

It’s the elimination of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is produced by a number of processes common to most sectors, including energy production, energy use in buildings, and transportation.

In a nutshell, there are five keys to decarbonization for most organizations:

  1. 1. Energy efficiency
  2. 2. Electrification
  3. 3. Fuel switching
  4. 4. Process improvement
  5. 5. Carbon capture/ storage


Most organizations have, or are actively developing one or more of the following:

  • Energy Management Plan
  • ESG Plan
  • GHG Reduction targets
  • Decarbonization Plan/ Strategy
  • Net-Zero Plan/ Pathway


Many organizations have GHG reduction targets or carbon neutral goals which call for big action to be taken by 2023 or 2040. Many have zero carbon objectives – or NET-Zero by 2050, including our Federal Government and many of our largest municipalities.

So what is CIET doing about all of this? And how can you benefit?

We have launched three distinct pathways within our Decarbonizations program area: Measuring, Planning, and Implementing.

So far, we have launched the following courses:


And we are working hard to develop several new courses within the next few months:

  • Building Electrification Strategies
  • Achieving Net-Zero Buildings
  • Quantifying Scope 1-2 and 3 GHG Emissions


We want to meet you where you are on your decarbonization journey.

Use this graphic to find relevant courses to your organization’s current status.

Decarbonization Infographic

Quick links to your results:

Creating an energy management reduction plan


Looking at setting GHG reduction targets


Crafting a decarbonization plan


Designing a pathway to Net-Zero


Looking to track emissions


Looking to track energy use in your facilities

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