CIET on the lookout for new trainers

Exciting times are upon us: CIET is looking for new trainers to join its growing team of Energy and GHG trainers and experts! Our instructors are typically consultants or employees of organisations making important contributions to our sector.


For most, the time commitment as a CIET instructor does not interfere with their full-time jobs or consulting projects, but it gives them the opportunity to share their expertise and help accelerate the contributions others can make to the Energy Efficiency industry.

Current opportunities

We are seeking new trainers for the following courses:


Courses delivered in English:


Courses delivered in French:


*Please note that there are specific requirements to be an instructor for these certification programs. These include meeting the minimum education and experience levels, as well as holding the certification in question, and having received a minimum score of 800 on the certification examination. Further details can be provided upon request.

What makes a good trainer?

Though there are several variables, at CIET we look for individuals with:


  • A minimum of 10 years of direct experience in the sustainable energy industry
  • Subject matter expertise that they are interested in sharing
  • Great facilitation skills – someone who can both deliver a compelling presentation, but also encourage others to participate and engage in training
  • Stellar communication skills – the ability to make concepts relatable
  • The ability to help learners of all types, from fellow experts to those for who content is more challenging
  • Flexibility and creativity – the ability to adapt to their audience, and present information in a dynamic fashion


Are you interested in becoming a trainer for one of these programs?

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