Last week, we delivered the first Introduction to RETScreen® Expert course, and are happy to say that the feedback from participants was very positive.  The 1-day course is delivered by an instructing duo, with Stephen Dixon leading the course presentations, and Adam Dixon providing one-on-one coaching and troubleshooting to help participants move along in RETScreen® Expert. The course is aimed at those with little to no previous experience with the RETScreen® Expert software who are finding themselves involved in the analysis or management of energy use or GHG emissions in buildings and facilities.


Though CIET has been offering a Certified RETScreen® Expert (CRE) course for a number of years now, the Introduction course has been brought in to fill a void for those looking for a stepping stone to RETScreen® Expert in which they can get a first look at the software. This course enables participants to better understand the three features of the program at a high level without being overwhelmed by the various functionalities or data points. Furthermore,  unlike the Certified RETScreen® Expert course, there are no exams or tests involved in the Introduction course, but rather a concentration on guiding participants through the software and showing them where to find certain functions, and does not rely as much on their energy knowledge. As Adam says about the course: “It's all about the software, and learning how to harness its functionality”.


If you’re wondering whether the Introduction to RETScreen Expert® training is a good fit for you, consider your answer to these questions:

  • What is your level of familiarity with RETScreen® Expert?
  • Are you familiar with the concept of measurement and verification (M&V)?

If your familiarity with RETScreen® Expert and M&V is limited, then this may a great option for you!


If you missed this first course, be on the lookout for the next public course date which should be posted to our calendar shortly. Keep checking back here.


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