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Registering to a course

How do I register for a course?

Visit the CIET website at On the homepage, click on the Training calendar. Filter by career path, training program, or scroll by date, then, click on the title of the course of your choice. Start the registration process by clicking on the √ REGISTER NOW icon. You may also choose by training date or course title by using the filter to the right of the map.

OR… Visit the CIET website at If you know the course of interest, please click under the “Training tab” at the top of the homepage and choose the “Canadian Training calendar”. You will have access to every active course promoted by date. You can scroll down and click on the link to the course page, which also offers you the option to click on the registration button.

*If you register for the course and exam, we expect you to do the exam not later than two weeks after the course. If you want to take the exam later than that, CIET promotes two exams only and retake sessions per semester. We recommend that you register for the course only and write to us at to learn about upcoming dates.


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