Although the benefits and justification of energy efficiency may seem obvious to some of us, this is often not the case for many of our clients and even our colleagues. Being able to articulate and present the many positive attributes of Energy Efficiency (EE) - from operational cost savings to conservation to reduced equipment maintenance - is key to selling EE projects.


Drawing from the experience of our expert instructors, as well as from highly relevant material from NRCan’s Dollars to Sense program, CIET has created a 1-day workshop to help you make the case for EE.



Upon completion of this hands-on workshop participants will be able to:

  • Determine how best to present EE-related information to every stakeholder
  • Better present the added value of their EE projects or services
  • Understand the various financial analysis terms and ratios (internal rate of return, payback, net present value, etc.)
  • Prepare a project financial analysis using a simple spreadsheet and/or RETScreen Expert
  • Develop and present complete, effective short proposals for energy efficiency projects


Who should attend?

This course is relevant to all those involved in selling energy efficiency to colleagues or management within their own organisation, and also for those who are trying to sell EE retrofits, projects or technologies to external clients.



Please note that this interactive workshop is limited to 18 participants.


1.Energy Efficiency – the Big Picture

Activity #1 – the One Page Proposal (Begin with the end goal in mind)


2.Looking Beyond Energy – Revealing the Non-Energy Benefits

Activity #2: Success Interview


3.Getting to Yes – Speaking the Right Language

Activity #3: How to demonstrate value


4.Headlining Your Proposal

Group Activity #1: Write & Pitch Your Headline


5.Financial Analysis 101

Activity #4: Financial Analysis of Sample Projects


6.From Energy Efficiency to Word Efficiency – The Proposal Target & Rationale

Group Activity #2:  Developing Targets & Writing a Rational


7.Finishing Touches:  Status & Call Action

Group Activity #3: Getting Ready to Pitch


8.Making The Pitch

9.Group Feedback

10.Summarizing the training’s learnings

Continuing Education Units (CEU) 0.7
CSEP points 2

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