With the Canada Greener Homes Grant launching to help Canadians live more energy efficiently, there’s a growing need for Energy Advisors to meet the demand across Canada. More and more energy efficiency professionals are exploring how they can become an Energy Advisor.


One of the top questions we get is: What is the difference between an Energy Advisor and an Energy Auditor?


The short answer is: While a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) evaluates how energy is used in commercial, industrial and institutional settings, an Energy Advisor is responsible for assessing the energy performance of residential homes (such as the retrofits homeowners are looking to make with the Greener Homes Grant). Read more about the differences.


Now that you have an understanding of the area an Energy Advisor focuses on…

Why Should You Become an Energy Advisor?


Start A Rewarding Career

A career as a Residential Energy Advisor is a role that is helping to make a difference; helping Canadian homeowners save money and working towards overall energy efficiency goals in the country.


There’s No Better Time

The Federal government is dedicated to the recruitment and training of EnerGuide Energy Advisors (through the Greener Homes Grant Initiative). Training rebates have been made available to support aspiring Energy Advisors. Plus, with the growing demand for Energy Advisors, there’s no better time to launch your career in this area of energy efficiency.


Take Advantage Of Available Training Support

In order to become an Energy Advisor registered with Natural Resources Canada, you must meet certain requirements to deliver EnerGuide rating services for eligible homes in Canada. Two of these requirements include passing the two qualification exams – The Foundational Level Exam and the Energy Advisor Exam. In order to be the best prepared for these exams, CIET offers two Exam Prep Courses, one for each exam. These courses are intended to review key concepts and prepare you to take on the exams. Learn more about the Prep Course for the NRCan Foundation Level Exam and the Prep Course for the NRCan Energy Advisor Exam (House).


Not sure where to start?

Here are 7 steps to becoming a Residential Energy Advisor.



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