Update: Funding has been exhausted for the Foundation Level and Energy Advisor Prep courses in both English and French. However, there are still seats remaining in the upcoming Foundation Level training (Sept 28-30th) and Energy Advisor training  (Nov 16-19th). If you are looking for training a group, please contact info@cietcanada.com





With the goal of preparing more individuals to become Energy Advisors capable of delivering services under the NRCan EnerGuide Rating System and in the context of the Canada Greener Homes Grant federal program, CIET is happy to announce both the availability of a new rebate provided by Natural Resources Canada for training as well as several new training dates. As Mathieu Côte, CIET’s Executive Director recently stated, “we have always aimed to position our educational offerings in supporting individuals progressing in or joining a new career as well as energy efficiency programs from utilities and all levels of governments. Along with Natural Resources Canada, we are thus very pleased to be supporting the goals of aspiring EAs through enhanced access to residential energy advisor training in the coming months to ensure Canadians from all regions can benefit from this program.”


With this goal in mind, and thanks to the support of Natural Resources Canada, our upcoming Energy Advisor prep courses will offer a 50% rebate on the regular price of training. For the Foundation Level course, the rebate will reduce the price from $795 to $395, and for the EA course the rebate will drop the course price from $1,195 to $595.



To meet your EA training needs, we are also adding training dates in both English and French to our calendar:


In English:



In French:



You can access CIET’s full course calendar here.


If you are not familiar with our EA training, here is what you can expect:


Prep Course for the NRCan Foundation Level Exam

During this 2-day course, participants prepare for the Foundation Level exam by learning to complete hands-on geometric and arithmetical calculations and unit conversions, how to interpret and understand house plans, and looking at the whole building envelope from fenestration to mechanical systems to renewable energy systems.


Prep Course for the NRCan Energy Advisor Exam (House)

During this 4-day training, participants will be provided with a detailed understanding of the processes and steps required to do the work of a registered EA. More specifically, participants gain in-depth knowledge of the information to be collected on existing or new homes, acquire working knowledge of HOT2000, master the EnerGuide Rating System, and understand how to create customized energy efficiency roadmaps for homeowners.


Please note that that the number of rebates and spots in the upcoming courses will be limited, and that participants in the EA level course who wish to be eligible for the rebate will need to show that they have obtained a successful passing grade of the NRCan Foundation Level Exam.


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