At CIET, we are focused on coordinating and delivering the most impactful and pragmatic learning experiences possible to meet both organisation and individual learning objectives. This often involves providing training to organisations when and where it is required. Private training offerings, which can be delivered virtually or on site when safe, are used to meet an organisation’s specific objectives, circumstances or timelines (dates that are convenient to you).


In several cases, public sector organisations and utilities use private training to offer capacity-building services to channel partners and regional stakeholders.


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Top 5 Private Courses for Energy Efficiency Training

Energy Efficiency for Building Operators and Maintenance Staff (EEBO) 

The Energy Efficiency for Building Operators & Maintenance Staff (EEBO) course is a hands-on and highly interactive course designed to engage, motivate and empower building operators. A unique aspect of this training course is the Energy Hunt – which brings participants out of the classroom and into the practical day-to-day operations of a building (the organisation’s facility). As a private course, EEBO allows Building Operators and Maintenance Staff to explore their facility, teaches them how to conduct savings calculations, and identify energy saving opportunities.


Participants will explore the energy savings that exist within lighting, pumps and fans, building envelope components, HVAC and refrigeration, building automation systems, ventilation and more.


Learn more about EEBO.



Certified RETScreen® Expert (CRE)

The Certified RETScreen® Expert course is designed to help participants develop their skills in the analysis of all types of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The course teaches participants about the new analysis functions provided by the software. A private CRE session will enable employees who are involved with the study of an organisation’s building or company’s energy use to grow their level of comfort and proficiency with the software and empower them to perform an array of tasks from benchmarking to feasibility analysis, to the impact of a project on GHG emissions.


Learn more about Certified RETScreen® Expert today.



Customised Dollars to $ense | 2-3 days long; your choice of any 5-6 modules

A customised Dollars to $ense Energy Management workshop is ideal for any organisation who have specific training needs. Choose 5 or 6 of the 30 available modules based on your organisation’s specific training needs. Knowledgeable trainers will bring their expertise to your organisation to help you excel in your energy management efforts.


Learn more about customised Dollars to $ense Energy Management modules.


Combined Foundation and Energy Advisor Level Training | 5 days

Passing the Foundation Level exam and Energy Advisor exam are mandatory steps towards becoming a Residential Energy Advisor (REA). To help aspiring REA’s prepare for these challenging exams, CIET offers 2 prep courses. The Prep Course for NRCan Foundation Level Exam and the Prep Course for the NRCan Energy Advisor Exam (House) are available as both public and private courses.


Why book a private course?


This is an ideal opportunity for service organisations to prepare their staff for the exams. If you have 12 or more employees, you can choose the training dates and give your staff the best chance of passing these exams with a private prep course. When in-person training resumes, you can even host the training on-site to reduce travel costs.



ISO 50001 Standard Training

It’s important for energy efficiency knowledge to be dispersed across all levels of an orgnisation. A private ISO 50001 Standard Implementation training sessions can ensure your employees and members of management are all on the same page with your organisation’s energy management culture. This interactive training invites participants to start thinking about the role they can play in initiating, strengthening or perpetuating a culture of energy management within your company. This training will review the key elements that ensure the success of this approach, and will link back to the ISO 500001 standard.


Learn more about ISO 50001 Standard Training.

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