CIET has developed a new course that will give you practical knowledge and valuable skills you can bring to your future employer: Energy Management Professional 101.


Whether you’re a new professional just entering the job market, a student nearing the completion of your studies, or a seasoned professional looking to further your career in energy, engineering or another technical field, this course is a great learning opportunity for you.


Develop Your Understanding of Key Concepts

  • Expose yourself to the principles, systems, codes and regulations that govern energy efficiency
  • Gain well-rounded knowledge of energy efficiency
  • Learn and understand the basics of how to calculate energy, benchmark and audit
  • Discover where energy savings can be found in a building or facility
  • Learn from an experienced instructor about energy supply and management


Additional Benefits

  • Add a certificate to your resume to prove your potential to potential employers
  • Demonstrate your relevance to energy efficiency positions


Getting You One Step Closer To A CEM

If your goal is to obtain the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) designation, this is your path. On top of the valuable knowledge you’ll gain, Energy Management Professional 101 can also be used as a career stepping stone, getting you one step closer to the CEM designation. Typically, the CEM is only taken after at least 3 years of experience in the field, but with EMP 101, you’ll be on the fast track.


A Need For More Energy Management Professionals

In our discussions with public and private organisations throughout Canada, CIET has concluded that there is a shortage of energy management professionals, despite the large number of energy management professionals trained every year. This need will continue to grow as both the province and the country seek to meet their international commitments related to climate change mitigation.


While the breadth and scope of what Energy Managers do can vary greatly between organisations and industry segments, they are generally intimately involved in the planning and monitoring of energy use at an organisational or facility level. Often acting as technical leaders, they are the drivers of energy efficiency projects, the authority on reporting and regulations, planners of retrofit projects, and managers of renewable energy projects. Energy Managers are present across different sectors, including the commercial sector, government and institutions, industrial and manufacturing sector, and residential sector.



Learn more about EMP 101, review the course agenda, and register for an upcoming workshop.

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