Discover What Dollars to $ense Workshops Can Do For Your Organisation

The Dollars to $ense (D2$) program is considered to be the premier and most popular capacity-building and custom program in energy efficiency training in Canada. Compromised of 30 different modules, the program is designed to be flexible for any organisation interested in various aspects and topics related to energy efficiency.


How to organise a Dollars to $ense Workshop in three steps:

Step 1: Select the modules that are relevant to your work and your organisation. Each module represents between 2.5-3 hours of training.

Step 2: Enhance the learning in the modules with activities and personalised business cases.

Step 3: Review the training agenda and learning outcomes with CIET and enjoy the training!


Learn more about the 30 Dollars to $ense Energy Management Modules

Where are the Dollars to $ense workshops available?

The D2$ workshops are available on-site across Canada. Whether you’re exploring the fundamentals of energy, such as benchmarking or creating an energy efficiency program, or diving into specific measures, like heating and cooling or lighting systems, the program will be able to address your organisation’s needs.


There are also some themed D2$ training workshops that are available as public courses. The latest themed public D2$ workshop will be the Making the Case for Energy Efficiency training. This course will help participants better understand how to present the benefits of EE projects, the financial analysis involved in a good proposal (and the tools that can be used to do so), and how to develop concise, effective proposals.


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