At CIET, we are committed to continuously improving our offerings to meet the evolving needs of energy efficiency and decarbonization professionals. That is why we are frequently introducing new courses and tools to enhance your training journey. Earlier this year, we launched six Learning Paths designed to guide you through a learning experience catered to your sector and interests.

Now, CIET is excited to announce a new tool: the Learning Path Builder! This is a place where you can create your own customized learning path in just a few clicks.

With the Learning Path Builder, you can better navigate our course catalogue and gain autonomy in how you approach your professional development.

How the Learning Path Builder Works

This intuitive tool allows you to browse CIET’s catalogue, learn about the courses, and select the specific courses that would benefit you and your career. You can reorganize your selections, and then save your custom learning path. You are also able to share your personalized learning path with your employers, colleagues, or professional network.

Here’s a quick video tutorial to show you everything you need to know. (Continue on this page for more step-by-step instructions).

Build Your Customized Learning Path Now


Getting Started with the Learning Path Builder

Step 1: Explore Learning Paths & Courses

  • Visit the Learning Path Builder page and click “Start creating my learning path”
  • Browse CIET’s 6 Programs and their associated Learning Paths to see all the courses available
  • Click “Learn More” to read about a course


Step 2: Add Courses To Your Personal Learning Path

  • When you find a course that interests you, click “+Add” to add it to your Learning Path
  • You will know how many courses you have added by referencing the red notification on the right side of the page
  • Once you have explored all the courses and have made your selections, open the “My CIET Learning Path” tab on the right side of the page
  • Drag-and-drop courses to change the order


Step 3: Save Your Personal Learning Path

  • Once you are satisfied with the order of courses, fill out the form
  • Click “Save and Share”
  • You will immediately be provided with a link to your Learning Path. You will also receive an email with the link.


Step 4: Share Your Learning Path

  • Copy the link to share your customized Learning Path with your professional network. Consider posting it on social media to let others know “I’ve built my personal Learning Path with CIET. I encourage you to create yours as well!”
  • Share your Learning Path with your employer and open a discussion about your future training opportunities
  • Share your Learning Path with your colleagues


Step 5: Modify Your Learning Path

  • If you decide you want to make changes to your Learning Path, click the link you received via email
  • You will be able to view your current Learning Path
  • To make changes, click “Copy this learning path”. This will allow you to make changes and save the new version of your Learning Path (you will receive a new link).
  • If you would like to start from scratch, click “Create a blank learning path”.
  • If you are viewing someone else’s Learning Path, click “Create a blank learning path” to create your own customized Learning Path.


Get Started Here


What’s Next?

Once you’ve created your ideal Learning Path, it’s time to embark on your learning journey! Click the first course, find an upcoming session and register!

We wish you a successful learning journey with CIET!


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