A career guide for the energy efficiency and decarbonization leaders of today and tomorrow

CIET has developed over 35 courses to support professionals in their career growth. Select the program that interests you to view the associated learning path, employment prospects, testimonials from other professionals, and more.

Energy Management

Track, optimize, and reduce energy consumption at the facility or organizational level.

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Energy Consulting

Help organizations better understand how to reduce energy use while making operations more cost-effective and efficient.

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Building Operations and Maintenance

Oversee all activities required to operate, maintain, and manage a building.

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NRCan-Registered Energy Advisor Program

Help Canadian homeowners make their homes more efficient.

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Energy Management Software and Tools

Master the software and tools used to monitor, model, and simulate energy consumption.

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Identify, select, and implement projects to reduce the GHG emissions and carbon footprint of organizations.

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