The Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Energy Management Professional 101 (EMP 101) programs are two of the premium programs for those involved in energy management in Canada. So how do you know which course to register for?


Determining which course is right for you has a lot to do with where you are in your career right now.


Is Energy Management Professional 101 the program for you?

A quick overview of EMP 101

  • 3 days of training
  • Exposes participants to the principles, systems, codes and regulations that govern energy efficiency
  • Teaches the basics of how to calculate energy, benchmark, and audit
  • Explains where energy savings can be found in a building or facility
  • Teaches energy supply and management


As an ideal participant for the EMP 101 program, you will find yourself relating to one of these three groups:

1. Those who have a technical background, but are looking for a better idea of how they can communicate the benefits of energy efficiency to stakeholders (i.e. those who want to develop their communication and engagement skills or soft skills).

2. Those who have the knowledge of how energy management works and how to communicate in an organisational or energy efficiency program setting, but need to better understand energy consuming systems, and where to find energy savings.

3. Those who are newer to the energy efficiency field, either as recent graduates, in career transition, or as newer Canadians


Energy Management Professional 101 provides pragmatic knowledge and will help you develop skills that you can apply to your current or future role in energy management. The other benefit of the EMP 101 program is that it is a stepping stone toward the Certified Energy Management (CEM) designation, which is usually taken when a participant has accrued experience in the field.


Learn more about the EMP 101 program and find an upcoming session. (For a detailed look into this course, watch the video at the end of this article)


Is the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) program right for you?

A quick overview of CEM

  • 5 days of training targeted to those with some experience in Energy Management

  • Provides a venue through which participants will be exposed to discussing and evaluating energy supply, uses, and management in buildings in the commercial and institutional sectors

  • Explains relationships between energy and building environments and basic design concepts for constructing green buildings and facilities

  • Reviews different systems and equipment for buildings and manufacturing plants

  • Lays out a holistic view of energy management, and provides participants with a chance to earn the most recognized designation in the sector – the CEM


As an ideal participant for the CEM program, you will have:

1. Minimum 2-3 years of experience in energy management

2. Ideally completed the EMP 101 program

3. A technical or engineering background


As the most recognised designation in energy management, the CEM designation can validate participants to the job market and employers that they have a strong pragmatic understanding of energy management. This program is ideal for the following groups: Energy Management professionals; Project engineers; Energy Managers in the industrial, building and public services sector; service providers who wish to obtain the CEM designation.


Learn more about the CEM program and find an upcoming session.



More about foundational training for new and established Energy Efficiency professionals | EMP 101

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