In the current context, where environmental and economic issues are converging towards the need for an energy transition, capacity building is emerging as an essential lever for change. Developing skills and knowledge in energy efficiency and decarbonization paves the way for more efficient use of energy, while strengthening the resilience of power systems.

In addition to the public and private events we have been offering since 1996, we have developed a range of capacity-building and training services tailored to the dynamic needs of businesses and communities. Through a continuous process of monitoring and adjustment, CIET ensures that its initiatives remain relevant and responsive to market developments.

Our range of customized capacity-building services

An infographic of CIET's Capability Building Services. Text reading: Skills gap analyses, training needs assessment, market characterization studies, sectoral engagement studies

Our customized services can be adapted to all phases of a capacity-building project focused on energy efficiency and decarbonization, and take several forms:

  • Market characterization studies
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Training needs assessment
  • Sector engagement studies


The educational resources made available to client companies are developed in line with identified capacity-building needs and areas for improvement. They include:

  • Training materials
  • Case studies and fact sheets
  • Planning templates
  • Course content
  • Tool development
  • Videos/Infographics
  • Best practice guides
  • Savings calculators
  • Mentoring programs
  • Asynchronous training
  • Technical support
  • Facilitated peer learning


Want to find out more about our customized offering?

Contact Olivier Cappon, Senior Manager - Business Development and Government Relations, to find out how CIET can help you achieve your capacity-building objectives.

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Concrete examples of what we can do

Among other projects, we have worked with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Green Municipal Fund and the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) in Ontario, developing educational resources and tools to promote energy efficiency.

As part of a project for the Green Municipal Fund, we created the toolkit "Navigating Energy-Efficient Affordable Housing Projects", a resource for housing providers across Canada. We developed a project cash flow calculator and an energy benchmarking tool, in addition to the guide “Understanding energy efficiency: a guide for affordable housing providers”.

The guide, aimed at affordable housing providers, introduces energy efficiency and key energy concepts to equip housing providers with the information they need to get started on a project.

This approach is also being put to good use in the work completed under an Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) contract for the Save on Energy program in Ontario. For this IESO led project, we are developing a wide range of educational tools, resources and and training programs to help commercial, industrial and institutional organizations in Ontario develop and improve their skills in energy efficiency and energy management practices. Resources include online and in-person training, webinars and coaching by industry experts, knowledge-sharing and team-building sessions, videos and how-to guides.

For example, the Efficient Electrification Toolkit identifies five stages in a building heating electrification project. Within this project, several tools have been developed to aid each stage, including practical guides, fact sheets, webinars, calculators, and more.

Through our tailored solutions, we aim to promote a more efficient use of energy and strengthen the resilience of electrical systems. By doing so, we actively contribute to fostering a sustainable and prosperous energy landscape for the future.

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