Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper
MBA, B.Sc, B.Comm, P.Eng, CEM, CPEnMS, CMVP

Andrew Cooper is a Strategic Energy Management Specialist who has held various leadership positions and has a diverse background in consulting, engineering and management.  He has over 25 years of international experience in a wide cross-section of industries, including mining, petrochemical, ferrochrome and steel.

During his time as the Energy Specialist at New Gold’s New Afton mine, he initiated and led the implementation of ISO 50001, the first at a mine in North America. Energy management practices resulted in operational improvements and energy savings equivalent to more than 15% of the annual energy use.  The company received numerous industry awards in recognition of these initiatives, including an Award of Excellence in Energy Management from the Clean Energy Ministerial.

An energetic, entertaining and thought-provoking speaker, who has received many positive reviews, Andrew has been invited to be a keynote speaker and presenter at conferences in Canada, USA, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and the UK. He has also been invited to be a guest on a number of podcasts.

Articles by Andrew can be viewed at his monthly Energy Matters newsletter. To view or subscribe, go to…

Andrew has been inducted as a Fellow Member with the Association of Energy Engineers (F.A.E.E.), in recognition of his significant contribution to energy management. He is also an AEE International Energy Manager of the Year award winner.

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