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Advanced Measurement and Verification

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Dragos Paraschiv,

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Program Overview

Measurement and verification (M&V) is the process of using measurements to determine the actual energy savings generated by energy management projects at individual sites. Common M&V activities include metering,​ data collection and processing, transparent savings calculations, monitoring, quality assurance, and​ third-party report verifications.

For those who want to get advanced M&V concepts, the two-day Advanced Measurement and Verification training program provides hands-on exercises and concepts that serve to complement and reinforce theoretical knowledge acquired through common M&V certification courses and designation.

On day 1, we recap the main features of M&V and focus on the use of various statistical tools for developing M&V plans, such as: sampling, linear regressions (including multivariable regressions), and uncertainty calculations. On day 2, we explore practical examples of International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) options for the following cases: lighting, motors and variable speed drives, compressed air, heat recovery systems, and commercial buildings. Participants also perform calculations for these cases. Finally, day 2 concludes with the development of an M&V plan.

If you are looking to increase your knowledge of the M&V process and the preparation or interpretation of plans, this program covers the statistical tools, examples, and case studies that are sure to help you develop your expertise.

CIET Advanced M&V



Key Learning Objectives

  • Use statistical tools for developing M&V plans
  • Further understand regression ​
  • Perform calculations on several case studies​
  • Develop an M&V plan 


  • Building owners involved in measuring project energy savings
  • Building owners partnering with ESCOs to implement EE projects
  • Energy efficiency program managers
  • Municipal building officials
  • Engineering and professional firms
  • ESCO employees

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Day 1

  • Main Features of M&V​
  • Statistical Tools: Fundamental Principles​
  • Statistical Tools: Sampling​
  • Statistical Tools: Linear Regression​
  • Statistical Tools: Uncertainty​


Day 2

  • Case Studies: Options A, B, and C​
  • Development of M&V Plans for an Industrial Process​es

Eligibility Criteria

An M&V designation is not required but is strongly recommended.

The course includes...

Access to a private SharePoint website with additional training material, references, and links.

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