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In late 2019, with assistance from the Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET), Energy Efficiency Alberta ran a series of events called Your Future in Energy Efficiency. The purpose of these events was to educate the public as to the types of careers available in energy efficiency and renewable energy in Alberta, present the personal career paths and transitions of panelists representing various areas of energy efficiency, and help orientate individuals as to the skills, education and experience required to be a part of the industry.


Through these events, we also wanted to highlight the growth in opportunities in EE, which is highlighted by the approximately 1,200 additional jobs that were created in energy efficiency in the province of Alberta in 2018 alone.


Following up on strong public interest from these events, we have created a resource kit to further assist individuals looking for more information on how to join, or further immerse themselves in, Alberta’s energy efficiency and renewable industries.

Resource Kit Contents

The Your Future in Energy Efficiency Resource Kit is divided into 5 categories:


1. Map of occupations across the key sectors in energy efficiency

2. List of available academic and professional development training

3. List of employment agencies in energy efficiency in Alberta

4. Interviews with the event panelists

5. Compilation of panelist presentations from the events


Your Future in Energy Efficiency Resource Kit Download


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