Why hire an energy manager?




If your business is based on profit, an energy manager is your greatest asset to drive that profit.



Video: Save on Energy


An Energy Manager is a great asset to any organisation because they are trained to focus on optimising energy use, energy benchmarking, creating goals, and implementing energy-saving strategies. An energy manager’s specialised knowledge is a key asset to have.


An organisation with a dedicated Energy Manager, focused on cutting energy costs can see great savings. As stated in the above video, “You can put a million dollars in your bank account and make 10%, or you can give me a million dollars and I’ll make you 30”.


Some of the many benefits of hiring an Energy Manager include:

  • An on-staff professional who understands how energy can be used efficiently in buildings
  • A knowledgeable individual dedicated to finding savings
  • Someone who can identify smart energy investments
  • A focus on securing financial incentives
  • Additional technical expertise to your organisation
  • A leader to drive implementation of strategies and monitor projects



CIET’s CSEP Who’s Who makes it easy to find Certified Energy Managers who have completed Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Training.



Get Hired As an Energy Manager


Do you want to become a valuable asset to your organisation? The Certified Energy Manager (CEM) workshop is a great opportunity for energy professionals looking to take the next step in their career. As the most recognised designation in energy management, the CEM is a great addition to your CV.


Learn more about becoming a Certified Energy Manager and find upcoming training opportunities.

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