Take advantage of subsidized training for New Energy Efficiency for Building Operators & Maintenance Staff (EEBO) available in Ontario!



Energy Efficiency for Building Operators and Maintenance Staff is an exciting new course. It’s been designed to engage, motivate and empower Building Operators by learning through highly-interactive, hands-on activities. Unique among our courses is the EEBO’s Energy Hunt on the second day, which takes participants out of the classroom and into the practical day-to-day operations of the building.


Many people have taken advantage of this unique learning opportunity, and you still have the chance to be a part of it!


Available Incentives

The value this course brings to its participants is new knowledge and hands-on experience. Available incentives of up to 75% through the Save on Energy program make the EEBO extremely accessible in Ontario.


For employers, that means you can bring this training to your team of 12-13 and your facility for about $3,000 upon successful application to the Save on Energy incentive.


That’s how much some organisations pay for photocopying, coffee and snacks in the breakroom each month!


This subsidy makes training your team that much more accessible… and the learning benefits will save you even more.


Contact us today about bringing the Energy Efficiency for Building Operators and Maintenance Staff workshop to your organisation.


CIET Energy Efficiency for Building Operators and Maintenance Staff Incentive in Ontario

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