Spring is here, which means many households are getting ready for their annual Spring cleaning. This year as you’re sprucing up your home, take some time to clean up your energy bill as well. Here are some energy saving tips for your home this Spring.


• Dust off your fans and replace your furnace filter to ensure it will run smoothly and efficiently.


• Clean out the track under any sliding doors. This isn’t always a spot people think to clean, but a clean track is a smooth track, ensuring your doors close properly.


• As the weather warms up, prepare to cool your home with a nice cross-breeze. When you’re cleaning your windows this Spring, make sure they’re in great working order for a Summer breeze. Also, check your windows for any cracks or air leaks. On the days when you want to use your AC, you’ll want to keep hot air outside.


• Sometimes Spring cleaning can turn into an opportunity to do a little redecorating and rearranging. Take a look at your thermostat and any appliances that are in close proximity. Appliances that put off a lot of heat will impact the temperature reading and can cost you more when the AC stays on for longer periods of time. Take this opportunity to rearrange your electronics and appliances.


• Catching up on laundry? Make sure each load is full, and take advantage of the sun as the days heat up, and dry your laundry outside.


• When the snow thaws and your lawn is ready for its first cut, you’re going to want to use an efficiency lawn mower. An electric-powered mower won’t put off greenhouse gases like a gas-powered mower will.



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