Energy Summit 2018

CIET attended Energy Summit 2018, which took place in the Greater Toronto Area between May 30th and 31st. Organized by the triumvirate of CIPEC (Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation), NRCan (Natural Resources Canada), and the not-for-profit Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC). The Summit was aimed at engaging Canada’s industrial and manufacturing industries in Energy Efficiency.


Due to the need for companies in both the manufacturing and industrial industries be competitive by streamlining cost and efficiency, much of our conversations at the conference revolved around energy as an operational cost – and how energy management is connected to profitability. How to identify and exploit the potential for energy savings within the operational and manufacturing process is very much connected to CIET’s training courses, which seek to help participants identify savings opportunities and convert the savings to funds that can be used to undertake more extensive energy savings projects, or that can add to the capital needed to fund other operational costs.


The need to upgrade the capacity that players in the manufacturing and industrial sectors have to manage their energy was also a frequent topic of discussion. With training being a crucial element in upgrading skills in energy management, it is important to highlight that CIET offers both public and On-site courses that address this topic at both the technical and non-technical level. Two respective examples of this are the Certified Energy Manager Training and the customizable Dollars to $ense Training.


As with many conferences that CIET has attended recently, the connection of energy efficiency to the reduction of GHG emissions was addressed. There were a number of companies, particularly on the manufacturing side, who were sharing with attendees recent investments and upgrades in clean technologies.



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