Setting Your Professional Development Goals for 2019


The first step towards a successful career is identifying the skills you need to develop to be the best at your job, or the skills you need to obtain a job you have your eye on. Although you have knowledge from your initial education, further training can help you really hone in on the specific skills you need to break into the job market or work your way towards your ideal position.


Professional development is especially important in any field that is impacted by new technology, changing regulations and new information, and can take many forms; mentors, conferences, connections, training and more.


With the new year quickly approaching, it’s a great time to step back and take a look at your career, determine where you want your career to take you, and to set some goals for 2019.


Here are some goal templates to get you started:


1. Complete a training course before the end of the first quarter.

2. Find a communication tool (and master it) that will help increase efficiency and effectiveness within your team or organisation.

3. Determine an area you can improve upon and create the steps you need to take to make progress.

4. Focus on developing one area of your communication skills – presenting, concise emailing, keeping meetings productive, etc.

5. Learn to prioritize. Instead of attempting a long, unrealistic to do list each day, focus on your top 5 tasks, and give them all your attention.

6. Try being proactive and get the ball rolling.

7. Focus on learning. Find one new book, one new podcast, and a training opportunity to expand your understanding of one topic.

8. Share your knowledge with others. When you focus on learning and communication skills, there’s no better way to put them to the test. Whether it’s within your organisation, or at a networking event, practice sharing something you’ve learned in a concise manner with someone who can benefit from your knowledge.

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