Online Resource for Energy Efficiency Education

CEEA launches Canada’s only comprehensive online resource for energy efficiency education


EE Education Tool features hundreds of courses, certificates and degrees focused on energy efficiency

CEEA is pleased to release its online EE Education Tool offering Canadians one central location to access information about courses, degrees, certificates and training in the energy efficiency sector.


“CEEA wanted to bring together all of the educational resources – universities, colleges and technical training opportunities in one handy place,” said Rebecca Isowa, CEEA board member and Manager of the Energy Training Office at Seneca College, and a champion of this unique online resource. “We knew that courses were being offered all over Canada and we wanted to make sure anyone interested – no matter where they lived – had access to finding the courses and training that will make a career in energy efficiency more accessible.”


“We expect a career in energy efficiency to be a growing area as governments and the public realize that energy efficiency is the most effective way to save energy and the environment, and education is essential to being part of that trend,” says Elizabeth McDonald, CEEA president and CEO. “The online tool will help Canadians understand the benefits of energy efficiency and how it can positively affect the bottom line of a company, country or individual.”


The EE Education Tool can be sorted by institution, location, and credential. Members of CEEA are identified with their logos.


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