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Ed Rubinstein        

Energy efficiency helps productivity, safety, cost management…and the environment.


Ed Rubinstein is the Energy & Environment Manager at the University Health Network. He’s been leading the hospital’s many environment programs since 1999 and has helped UHN become a leader in greening health care.


Both UHN and Ed’s leadership in the field of “greening health care” has been recognized by several awards including from the Ontario Hospital Association, Natural Resources Canada, Practice Greenhealth and the Canadian Council of Ministers for the Environment.


On top of that, Ed is a CIET trainer for the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) workshop. When asked about the value of this certification, Ed stated:


The CEM provides a good, broad understanding of the many elements that go into energy management, and teaches the skills needed to make sure energy is part of building construction, operations and maintenance.


It’s necessary to provide energy efficiency training because “it’s important that all involved in energy management speak a common energy language”. As a trainer, he enjoys that he gets to meet energy professionals for a wide range of industries, experiences and backgrounds.



If you’re interested in learning more about the Certified Energy Manager workshop, visit the CEM course overview for a detailed agenda and upcoming dates.





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