Meet The Trainer | 4 Questions With Bill Ferguson

We asked CIET trainer Bill Ferguson a few questions about his perspective on energy efficiency and the importance of training. Here’s what he had to say:


Why should energy efficiency be a priority?

Kevin O’Leary is fond of saying “it’s all about the money”. To a point, he is right, but it’s more than that. We live in a competitive society, but there is a link between energy efficiency and the health of our environment, and thus to society as a whole.


Why is a certification from your workshop valuable?

One of the services that we provided at my last employer was “re-commissioning”. However, we were finding building operators were changing control settings back to the settings they believed were correct because “that’s the way it’s always been”. Thus wasting the money of the re-commissioning and losing the calculated energy savings. The workshop points out and re-enforces the value of re-commissioning.


Why do you feel it’s important to provide energy efficiency training?

As with all other things, knowledge is power. The training can provide the participants with the power to make the quality of their lives, and the lives of occupants in the buildings they control, better.


What do you love about being a trainer?

It is a very optimistic way of seeing the future, and I can not help but feel good about what will come


Bill FergusonAfter graduating with a Bachelor degree from York University in 1978, Bill Ferguson completed an apprenticeship as a plumber and wrote his Masters licence in 1989. Working for many of the large construction contractors including Black & MacDonald and Ontario Hydro, Bill gained a vast knowledge of building systems. He then spent twenty two years with Honeywell Controls as a Control Fitter/Service Technician providing HVAC solutions to commercial and institutional customers. He began teaching for the U.A.Local 46 Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee in 1996, where he still teaches Pneumatic controls, Plumbing and occasionally Steam Fitting courses. As a part time professor at Seneca College from 2004 -2014, he taught courses for the B.E.S. department. Bill continues using his expertise in a volunteer capacity as Chair of the St Patrick’s Parish Building and Maintenance Committee

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