Robert Greenwald is a Dollars to $ense Energy Management Workshop trainer. He talked to CIET about his career in energy management, how he got his start, and the biggest changes he has seen in the industry.


9 Questions with Robert Greenwald

How did you get your start in Energy Management?

My first exposure to the field was as a coop student in various companies (Transport Canada, Bell, Engineering Interface, and CP Rail) where I supported engineers in energy audits, benchmarking radiant heating design and even training material.


What are you most proud of in your career?

I am most proud of building a company around saving energy with not only technical solutions, but also organisational change and people-focused programs.


What have you seen as the greatest change in your industry?

30 years ago when I began in the industry, energy management, and certainly carbon reduction, was not on the corporate agenda. It is now on people's mind.


How do you see energy management evolving over the next 10 years?

Although technology will continue to evolve and the use of AI and Analytics will drastically improve our ability to save energy, people will continue to be at the heart of successful energy management programs.


What is one thing you wish you would have known earlier in your career and would like to communicate with other professionals in the industry?

Early in my career, my mentor shared the 2-20-200 rule of thumb. Energy costs are roughly $2/sqft, rent $20/sqft but people costs are $200/sqft. We need to have technology that IMPROVES comfort and control and improve productivity.


How do you see the new carbon restriction tools (cap and trade, carbon pricing, etc.) affecting decisions relating to energy?

Certainly there is a shift for us in BC to take advantage of a "clean" electrical grid by low carbon electrification. We will be seeing more of that.


What is the best professional advice you have ever received?

If you are managing energy effectively, you are probably managing your operations / company / facility effectively.


What is the best training or education you have ever received?

My 5 coop work terms, each for 4 months, was the best training in the field that I received. Unfortunately, there were very few energy workshops early on in my career and the only option was the ASHRAE annual conferences.


How can a certification from your workshop benefit someone in their career?

The Dollars to $ense Energy Management Workshop will help you look at energy and opportunities more holistically and systematically.


Robert Greenwald


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