Meet The Trainer | 3 Questions With David Beaudoin

What is the link between energy efficiency and GHG emissions?

Energy efficiency is considered as one of the ways to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions that cause Climate Change. Indeed, energy production, when based on fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas or oil, emits a significant amount of GHGs. As governments define their policy to tackle GHG emissions, they all include a target for energy efficiency. These new sets of rules flow down to companies and professionals who now have the burden to find the right measures to meet the targets.


Why is it important for energy specialists to understand carbon management?

Energy Efficiency and GHG emissions (or carbon) management are complementary activities. For most companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, reducing GHG emissions includes a step towards a more efficient use of the energy. It is also an additional risk for companies since the cost of carbon increases with time. Therefore, energy specialists are often put under the spotlight with a high-level of expectations to deliver on GHG reductions.



Why do you feel it’s important to provide energy and carbon training?

My main motivation is driven by the fact that carbon management has become a major concern for almost all sectors of activities; that it really touches on any profession, directly or indirectly. But for energy specialists, it is at the heart of what they do. Personally, it’s highly satisfactory to provide additional tools that enable professionals to meet those new expectations.



Business implications of GHG regulations; risks & opportunities for energy & carbon management


This full-day course presents the most important policies and regulations aiming at the overall reduction of GHG emissions and how they might drive investments in green technologies and energy efficiency measures.





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