In 2022 CIET launched an Ask Us Anything series featuring free monthly Q&A sessions with industry experts. In the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard session, Andrew Hejnar, Energy Manager, Expert in ISO 50001 and SEP systems, answered your questions.

If you missed the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard Ask Us Anything, here is a key topic that was discussed during the session.



Question: If an organization already has already an energy management plan or a broader sustainability plan, how does ISO 50001 fit into that?


ISO 50001 creates a framework of activities related to energy management. If you can imagine the outlook approach that everybody has gone through many times; your energy performance is fairly poor so you do some audits, then you work on some projects and your energy efficiency improves until something goes wrong again. Then the cycle continues.

But with a systematic approach, which ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance help you with, you go through a couple of hoops and then you make sure that your initial savings from those first projects are sustained actions. Then your energy management system as part of ISO 50001 becomes the culture of your company.

That's how it can be built into existing systems.

If you have ISO 9000, ISO 14001 already implemented, you have a very good framework that you can rely on adding ISO 50001 in the mix.


Want to learn more about the ISO 50001 Standard?

Our Energy Management and the ISO 50001 Standard program is intended for participants who want to understand how to establish an energy management culture within their organization. The course covers the key elements necessary to ensure success and establish links to the ISO 50001 standard. Learn more about this course.

If you are interested in integrating ISO 50001 concepts in your organization, or if your team requires training to ensure successful implementation, we offer custom private group training that can be customized to fit organizational needs. You can book a call with our Business Development Representative here.



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