CIET is happy to be hosting a new series of free webinars to help participants better understand how to use and get the most out of the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager software.


What is ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager?

What will I learn in the webinars?

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What is ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager?

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager (ESPM) is a management tool designed to measure and assess the energy performance of commercial and institutional buildings. After it gained popularity in the United States, Natural Resources Canada adapted Portfolio Manager for use in Canada, and more than 26,000 buildings have since been entered into the platform.


Portfolio Manager has grown in popularity and use over time because it allows users to understand their whole building energy use and costs (including water and other materials), compare them to similar buildings (using a scoring system), set building baselines and targets, monitor the effects of reduction strategies, and produce custom reports.

What will I learn in the webinars?

The three webinars are structured around the participant’s knowledge and level of comfort with Portfolio Manager. They will be presented in the following order:


Webinar 1 (101): Fundamentals and basics

  • Update data using the spreadsheet upload feature
  • Set baseline goals, and targets to plan energy improvements
  • Create custom reporting templates
  • Use the Sustainable Building Checklist


Webinar 2 (201): Creating and updating your building profile

  • Understand how to enter and edit property data and details
  • Learn how to correct or update property use details as required
  • Be exposed to Data Quality Checker and how to utilize it
  • Explore how to share property data


Webinar 3 (301): Maximizing usage with advanced features

  • Gain a better understanding of how to navigate Portfolio Manager
  • Learn how to add a property and enter its use details
  • Enter energy, water, waste, and material data using energy as an example
  • Analyze progress using performance documents, charts, graphs and reports
  • Understand the purpose and value of benchmarking


The webinars will be available in both English and French. Although they are offered for free, registration is required and spaces are limited. So, we would encourage you to sign up today!





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