Become a Residential Energy Advisor


Ever wonder what it takes to become an Energy Advisor? Energy Advisors are experts on how residential homes operate, including their building structure, heating systems, air conditioning, and ventilation from an energy efficiency perspective.


The need for residential energy advisors is on the rise due to ever increasing energy costs and the inefficient manner in which many homes are run. Because of this demand, it has never been a better time to become a residential energy advisor.


In Canada, energy advisor candidates must pass two exams. To help Maritimers along in this process, CIET has developed two exam prep courses as well as free supplemental study guides.


The first step is the Prep Course to the NRCan Foundation Level Exam. This 2-day course will provide participants with in-depth knowledge of building science issues, sound business practices and energy-efficient homebuilding techniques. The course will run this year in Halifax from Oct 22nd-23rd. 


The second step is the Prep Course to the NRCan ERS v15 Energy Advisor Exam. This 4-day interactive course provides an overview of the administration and delivery of the EnerGuide Rating System Version 15 and will allow participants to gain hands-on experience with Natural Resources Canada’s HOT2000 energy modelling software. The course will also run in Halifax from the 13th-16th of November.


With these two vital steps completed, you will be ready to take and successfully pass Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Advisor exams and be well on your way to improving the energy efficiency and overall energy costs of residential homes!

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