CIET Talks Energy with Robert Greenwald | Video


We are excited to announce a new video series: CIET Talks Energy. In each episode, released on a monthly basis, we’ll speak with an energy efficiency professional and explore energy efficiency topics across Canada.


In the premiere episode, we sat down with Robert Greenwald, president of Prism Engineering. Click to watch.




Robert Greenwald is president of Prism Engineering in the Greater Vancouver Area. Prism Engineering provides energy engineering and energy efficiency consulting services from auditing to building controls to lighting design and building performance.


“Since 1990, Prism Engineering has completed 1,100 energy audits, modernized 2,500 buildings, assessed 100 million square feet of building area, analyzed 15,000 energy accounts, delivered 500 energy management workshops, and trained 8,500 workshop attendees in 50 different cities.” – Prism Engineering


Robert and his associates at Prism have been partners and trainers with CIET for a number of years.



Have a topic you’d like to see covered in this video series? Let us know!








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