CIET Connect | November 2017

CIET Connect blog November 2017

Thursday, November 2, the CIET team hosted its first CIET Connect networking event, attended by 41 people at Spice Route in Downtown Toronto. The objective behind CIET Connect is to create a casual networking event for energy and sustainability professionals to meet with other professionals who are passionate about Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Continuing Professional Education and Sustainability.


Attendees of the first iteration of the event included consultants in industrial energy management, Building construction and maintenance professionals, representatives of the Ontario public service, CIET Instructors and contributors, Sustainability and Engineering students, past CIET graduates (especially CEM), and energy managers from various sectors.


Our goal is to host a CIET Connect event a few times a year so that it can continue to grow, and provide a unique venue for professionals, consultants, public sector employees, energy managers, job seekers and students to meet and exchange ideas, experiences, and projects.


A big thank you to all the attendees of our inaugural CIET Connect event,


The CIET Team




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