Spring 2019 CIET Connect | Highlights & Photo Gallery

The 5th edition of CIET Connect took place on Thursday, May 16 at Upper Deck by Fran’s in Toronto. We were happy to meet many new attendees and see lots of familiar faces. This was also the last day of the Certified RETScreen Expert (CRE) course in Toronto, so we were pleased to see several CRE participants joined us to celebrate the completion of their course. This led to lots of great conversation on a variety of topics, including the proliferation of RETScreen outside of North America (thanks to our Dutch and Australian CRE participants) and its applicability to non-commercial buildings.


Other notable topics of conversation were: The Certified Energy Manager (CEM) training, when to take it and which sort of courses are relevant/connected to it; the state of affairs in Ontario as it pertains to the provincial government and energy efficiency programs for businesses; the recent expansion of commissioning and recommissioning work in Ontario; and the change in demand for auditing work.


Look out for the next CIET Connect toward the end of the summer!


Photo Gallery

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