Registering for a certification program is a step in the right direction. Becoming a certified energy professional has a number of benefits, including being properly equipped with the knowledge and tools to bring energy management into financial and operational conversations in your organization.


But how do you know which course to register for?

The overall answer to that question is: Determining the course that is the best fit for you depends on your work requirements. Does your role require you to supervise and manage facility energy audits and energy management programs? Do you work in the industrial, building and public service sectors? Are you looking to expand your services to conduct audits for clients?

Review this comparative overview to determine which certification is the best fit for you.


CEM vs CEA CIET Infographic


Certified Energy Manager (CEM ®)

Course Duration: 5 days
Overview: This is in-depth, thorough course which is focused on the technical, economical and regulatory aspects of energy efficiency management. It’s a comprehensive program and will provide you with a wide range of benefits to help you thrive in your occupation. This course covers:

  • Energy supply, uses and management in buildings (commercial and institutional sectors)
  • Understanding how energy can be used more efficiently
  • Relationships between energy and building environments
  • Basic design concepts for constructing green buildings and facilities
  • Systems and equipment for building and manufacturing plants
  • Demonstrating and understanding the latest energy cost reduction techniques and strategies
  • Problem solving activities
  • Examination (takes place on the afternoon of day five)


See upcoming CEM course dates



Certified Energy Auditor (CEA ™)

Course Duration: 3 days
Overview: This course focuses on audits for commercial and industrial buildings only and does not qualify you to perform residential audits. This course will prepare you for the Association of Energy Engineers’ (AEE) CEA™ exam by expanding your knowledge of energy auditing. This course covers:

  • Knowledge and understanding to assess how energy is used by facilities
  • Fundamentals to identify consumption reduction potential
  • Use of calculation methods
  • Understanding via practical examples
  • Examination (which takes place the morning of the fourth day)


See upcoming CEA course dates



CIET is the exclusively authorised Canadian trainer of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) for delivery of the CEA® and CEM™ programs. See our full calendar of upcoming courses.

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CIET to Continue Virtual Real-Time Classroom Training in the First Half of 2022 ... with a Twist! 

Last Updated: November 8, 2021 


CIET to Continue Virtual Real-Time Classroom Training in the First Half of 2022 … with a Twist! 


With well over 200 virtual real-time courses delivered since March 2020 and based on feedback received from more than 2,500 participants, CIET is happy to announce that all public training sessions offered between January and June 2022 will be delivered through our virtual real-time classrooms, with one exception. We’re very excited about our very first in-person course since March 13, 2020: a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) session to be held in downtown Toronto from April 4 to 8, 2022. 


Keeping our courses virtual will allow everyone to continue to access CIET training in a safe manner that protects both our participants and trainers regardless of what happens with the pandemic or public health measures. This allows you peace of mind to register for a virtual training course today, knowing that the training will be delivered with the same quality that you would expect from an in-person CIET course. Also, keeping virtual real-time training sessions will ensure that our full course calendar is available to all participants across Canada and abroad regardless of geographical location. 


That being said, we really hope to be able to deliver (1) a much broader in-person offering in the fall of 2022 (2) while still offering significant pan-Canadian virtual training.  


Through all these measures, CIET hopes to provide as much flexibility as possible to training participants while respecting its commitments to other participants, trainers, and partners, as well as public health recommendations. 


We thank you very much for your trust and collaboration and look forward to welcoming you in our virtual classrooms! 


 Best regards, 

The CIET Team 

647 255-3107