Canadian Environmental Job Opportunities


The Canadian economy is beginning to see the effects of the baby boomers transitioning from the job force into retirement.


According to the Globe & Mail, in 2015, “for the first time, Canada has more people over the age of 65 than under 15”. In the last few years, about 27% of the population is made up of the 50-69 age group, which was only 18% of the Canadian population about 20 years ago. The number of professionals in and entering into retirement age is on the rise.


“The biggest challenge for the Canadian economy – as well as those of most major Western countries whose populations are similarly maturing – is that the looming retirement of the boomer generation amounts to a giant brake on the labour force. Labour growth is the key ingredient in the production of more goods and services that adds up to economic expansion.” - Globe & Mail.

Impacts on the Environmental Sector

ECO Canada recently reported that there will be a shift in Canada’s environment sector in the next 10 years due to the predicted retirement of nearly a quarter of environmental professionals.


“Today there are close to 364,000 Environmental workers in Canada working in three main sectors; Environment Protection, Resource Management and Sustainability. Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta are three provinces with the highest concentration of environmental workers and are an important driver of quality jobs” - ECO Canada.


As senior sustainability professionals begin to retire, opportunities may open up for younger environmental professionals.


In 2017 the environmental sector saw a “9% increase in job postings and expects to add up to 90,000 jobs by 2024” - ECO Canada.


If you are a sustainability professional, it’s a great time to hone your skills, carve out an impressive resume, and present yourself as a viable candidate for a senior position in the near future.

Stand out from the crowd

As senior positions become increasingly available, set yourself apart from other candidates by proving you have the latest knowledge and skillset to do the job.


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